About Joe

Meet Joe Tielitz

Joe’s nearly 40 years of experience in construction, electrical systems installation, project management and selling real estate make him the perfect home watch professional – he is instinctively alert to anything that might go wrong on your property while you are away.

Born and raised in Northern Germany, Joe’s family owned a nursery, and he helped his father with landscape maintenance projects in the town where they lived. His formal training began at age 16 when he entered a school and apprenticeship in electrical engineering. His work later expanded into years of working for construction companies overseeing construction of residential and retail locations, supervising electrical installations and leading teams in all areas of building construction.

For ten years he owned and managed his own business doing renovation, residential remodeling, and commercial real estate.

He is hard-working, accustomed to positions of responsibility, and gifted with a natural efficiency, honesty and integrity.

He has been living in America for many years, and when he and his wife of 35 years bought a house in Sedona, he gave it a complete renovation including a new addition. After this, he worked for two years as production manager for a local company, before starting his own business here in Sedona, JT Home Watch and Handyman Services, LLC.

His wife was a business owner in Sedona, and his years here and their involvement in the community make it easy for him to find the best local connections for any kind of repair or maintenance that he cannot do himself, should the need arise. All in all, Joe’s love for creating and caring for beautiful spaces make him a dedicated and knowledgeable professional – the perfect choice to assure that your home is safe and maintained while you are away, and ready for you when you return.

Joe Tielitz